Friday, June 26, 2015

Installing and Using gFTP - FTP Client

If you need a ftp client try gFTP. To download gFTP go to software manager and search "gFTP". Find it and download it. To find gFTP on Linux Mint, after installing gFTP, click start button and go to internet. gFTP should be on the list. Open it and enter your ftp details to connect.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to create a .txt file on the desktop with Linux Mint

Go to your desktop and right click any free space.  Click "create from template" then click empty file.  A popup will come up asking for a name of the file.  Call the file any name then add .txt to the end of the name.  So it should look like this, if the name of the file is gaming;

  • gaming.txt
Now you have a gaming text file on your desktop.  You can do this trick with other file types to.  Like and empty .mp3 or .avi.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Minimize All open Windows on Linux Mint

*This is for xfce users*

If you look at the start menu button on the bottom system tray, next to the button will be another button to minimize open windows.  Hover over the button so it display the it will "minimize open windows".  Click this button an all windows you have open will minimize to the tray.

Friday, November 21, 2014

How to install Google Chrome on Linux Mint

Here are some steps to install Google Chrome for Linux Mint;

  • Go to website Google Chrome
  • Download a .deb copy
  • Open the .deb file (their should be a program for opening these type of files on Linux Mint)
  • When the installer opens click "Install Package"
  • Now the program will install and you can find Google Chrome in the start menu
To have Google Chrome on your favourite list of programs on start menu;
  • Go to "Internet" sellection button
  • Find Google Chrome
  • right click it
  • click "Add to favourites"
Now you have Google Chrome and it is on your favourites list

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Downloading Torrents On Linux Mint

To download torrents on Linux Mint using the program called "Transmission".  To find "Transmission";
  • click start button
  • click "Internet" option
  • find "Transmission" and click it
Once "Transmission" is opened;
  • click file tab
  • click open or ctrl + o
  • find a torrent file to begin downloading
You can have "Transmission" open when you click a torrent file.  On firefox choose Open with; Transmission.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Moving Through Different Workspaces on Linux Mint

You can drag a window to move to another workspace on Linux Mint.  For me, I get 4 workspaces.  Workspaces allow you to do different things on different spaces of work.  So you can have one workspace for a terminal window and another for firefox browser.  To move a window to another workspace;
  • hold down on left click at the top of a window (top of window is the bar with minimize and maximize options)
  • drag the window to the right for another workspace or vice versa; to the left
  • now you have the window working on another workspace
crtl + alt + right button means go to the right one workspace
crtl + alt + left button means go to the left one workspace

The two combination buttons above will help you navigate through the workspaces you have.

Open a Terminal Windows From Desktop

You can open a terminal windows from the desktop instead of go to the start menu.  Here are the steps to open a terminal from the desktop;
  • right click any free space on desktop
  • click "Open Terminal Here"
  • a terminal windows should open
So if you are ever on the desktop and would like to open a terminal window, try the above steps.  It is less steps that using the start menu option.